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Copeland Open Source GIS

27th March 2017

We are working with Copeland Borough Council to refresh their Open Source GIS platform which underpins many council operations as well as their public facing website, NLPG submissions and INSPIRE dataset publishing via data.gov.uk.

Hong Kong Spatial Data Infrastructure Bid

15th December 2016

Graham and Peter are working with Arup in Hong Kong to bid for a contract to develop a strategy for the implementation of a Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) for the region. Graham recently travelled to Hong Kong to present to the selection panel. Warm temperatures and clear skies were a welcome change from the short wintery days of the Lake District.

Tepco GIS

15th July 2015

Assisting the Sellafield team in sharing their experiences in the use of GIS for site planning and emergency management, Graham is supporting 3 visits with Tepco in Japan, including visits to the Fukushima Daiichi facility. More information is available from Sellafield's IAEA presentation.

Sellafield Maps Corporate GIS

20th July 2014

Graham is currently involved in a multi-year effort to establish an enterprise-wide GIS capability at Sellafield to enable transition to the new mission to decommission this complex nuclear facility. The engagement involves direct support for site strategy, master planning, facilities management, transport & logistics, utilities and infrastructure as well as resilience and emergency management. More information is available from Sellafield's BECBC presentation.

AGI Northern Group Showcase

21st September 2013

Fresh from the AGI Geocommunity and open source FOSS4G events in Nottingham, we are preparing for the Northern Group's AGI showcase event in York on 14th November. Info available at http://bit.ly/1fndGg5

Spatial Consultants supporting Bob Kerr's Everest Climb

16th April 2013

As Bob Kerr approaches Mount Everest in a bid to climb all the 7 summits, his progress is being tracked on a Google web map created by Spatial Consultants. Follow Bob's progress at Where's Bob