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AGI Northern Group

2nd February 2010

Graham Morgan will Chair the AGI Northern Group in 2010.  This regional chapter of the Association for Geographic Information serves GIS practitioners and stakeholders across the whole of the north of England to develop a community of interest and facilitate exchange of best practices between members.  The Northern Group will provide a series of interesting and informative events across the region and will promote professional development by helping members work towards the Chartered Geographer (CGeog) accrediation and continued development.  We also seek associations will other professional groups in the area where there is shared interest.

Please contact Graham directly if you have any questions about the AGI Northern Group.  We welcome suggestions for speakers, venues and collaborations as well as membership enquiries.

The AGI Northern Group is online at http://www.agi.org.uk/agi-groups/regional-groups/northern-group


Sports Mapping Project Completed

7th December 2009

Spatial Consultants Ltd has just completed a mapping project for Lancashire Sports Partnership.  This project involved the production of a series of 5 digital maps illustrating the location of clubs, schools and sporting facilities, together with participation rates across the county. The maps was created using data from LSP, Sport England, ONS and OpenStreetMap.  James Ventham (LSP's Marketing and Information Manager) was delighted with the results, saying...

"We had a huge amount of data regarding sports and physical activity across Lancashire, but didn't have the technical expertise in-house to view it or make sense of it. Spatial Consultants Ltd. managed to interpret the data and develop a series of maps that will provide our partnership with valuable insight into sports participation and facilities. With our new maps my team and our partners will be able to make informed decisions on developing sport across our county. Spatial Consultants Ltd. worked quickly and professionally to get their heads round our complex data and working with Sport England at a national level were able to represent our local data in an efficient way. Our restricted budget for the project could have caused problems, but Spatial Consultants use of innovative open source maps meant it kept the cost down whilst maintaining a high quality of product. An excellent service." 

Lancashire Sport Partnership is one of the sub-regional sport partnerships operating across England. They are funded by Sport England, agencies, local government and by private sponsorship.  County Sports Partnerships are an integral part of the Government's drive to develop a 'single sports delivery system' across England, and we are the key bridge between local and regional networks. The role of Lancashire Sport Partnership is to: Lead and facilitate joint work across the partnership to enable an effective 'delivery system' for Sport and physical activity within the County.


West Cumbria floods - do the maps help?

24th November 2009

More of a blog than a news article, but these have been extraordinary events in Cockermouth and surrounds.  Here are some choice links to sites that have used mapping to tell the story.

The BBC used Microsoft Bing maps to set the context:

Radio Trunews went to town with their analysis:

The Environment Agency map is pretty accurate:

The OpenStreetMap folks are really on the ball, the map of Workington already shows the missing/closed bridges:


Others could do better...

I thought the Highways Agency / Traffic England map was supposed to show traffic problems but 4 days after the event and they still do not indicate disruption caused by the damaged/destroyed bridges:

Many sites have used Google Maps to locate the events, but I wonder when the travel directions function will be updated for the missing bridges:

The British Geological Survey appears to have salient information but how do we use it?


Upcoming Where2.0Now? Conference

16th September 2009

The Where2.0Now? conference, organized by the AGI Northern Group, is being held in Harrogate on 10th November.  Examining the impact of web2.0 and other emerging technologies on GIS, the event has attracted some great speakers to the north. Information and registration details are available at http://www.agi.org.uk/pooled/articles/BF_EVENTART/view.asp?Q=BF_EVENTART....


eboc Conference 2009 is a Hit

13th July 2009

Graham Morgan attended the eboc (Energy Business Opportunities Conference) at the new Energus facility at Lillyhall in Cumbria.  This excellent event was organised by the West Cumbria Business Cluster and attracted delegates from across energy sectors from the UK and beyond.  The level opportunity presented by the Energy Coast master plan from nuclear and renewable resources is huge and Spatial Consultants look forward to working with local and national companies to develop this vision.

TfL Solution Architecture Contract Extended

13th January 2009

Spatial Consultants have extended their contract with Transport for London for the provision of Solution Architecture services to support a number business projects including Legible London IT Platform, Bus Incident Reporting, and Geospatial Enterprise Architecture.