Spatial Consultants is a UK based company that serves a global market to provide specialist information management consulting services.


We maintain strong links with European, North American, and Australian organisations and actively market our services to these regions.  We have conducted numerous consulting assignements in Europe, Australia, the United States and Canada and have presented lectures at industry conferences in these regions.  We offer our services throughout the world via a combination of on site consultations and collaboration technologies from the UK.


The company is head-quartered in Cumbria in the North West of England. This beautiful region is graced with the Lake District National Park, haunting coastal scenery and a rich cultural and historical background. This is the land that inspired Wordworth, Heaton Cooper, and the birth of rock climbing; as well as being the end of the road for the Roman Empire. It is also tipped as the fastest growing sub regional economy in Europe -the West Cumbrian area is at the centre of the Energy Coast, an ambitious and visionary initiative that plans to combine nuclear expertise with innovations in renewable energy to drive the prosperity of the area, whilst helping to address the broader issue of climate change. Plans involve significant investments in infrastructure, housing, communities, transportation and education and Spatial Consultants are working with local companies, regional agencies and Cumbrian graduates to support the Energy Coast vision.