Company principal Graham Morgan founded Spatial Consultants Ltd to offer a unique set of consulting services around the concept of the Enterprise Geospatial Solution Platform. This concept of modern day GIS providing a set of Geographic Information Services as capabilities that complement an organisation’s IT architecture, is markedly different from the historic notion of GIS as an application suite. We believe that geospatial information processing capabilities need to be invisible – they need to blend in with other IT capabilities such that they are just there. In time we are sure that this will be the case, but for the next decade or so organisations will need to figure out how to fill this gap to meet their own needs – and this is where we offer support and leadership through our services.

    Project deliverables can be tailored to conform to the relevant stage gates of project control methods (such as PRINCE II and derivatives), architecture development methods (such as TOGAF) and system development methods (such as agile Scrum and Rational Unified Process), as employed by each customer organisation.

    Our company brochure provides a convenient overview.