Spatial Analysis and Mapping

Sports BuggersWe can undertake analysis and research of your data to address specific problems or shed light on a particular situation.  We are able to integrate data from a variety of sources and formats in order to investigate relationships and predict outcomes.

We can apply spatial analysis techniques to many fields including asset management, service allocation, environmental impact and sports participation.

Testimonial Lancashire Sport Partnership Sep 2019

We had a huge amount of data regarding sports and physical activity across Lancashire, but didn't have the technical expertise in-house to view it or make sense of it. Spatial Consultants Ltd. managed to interpret the data and develop a series of maps that will provide our partnership with valuable insight into sports participation and facilities. With our new maps my team and our partners will be able to make informed decisions on developing sport across our county. Spatial Consultants Ltd. worked quickly and professionally to get their heads round our complex data and working with Sport England at a national level were able to represent our local data in an efficient way. Our restricted budget for the project could have caused problems, but Spatial Consultants use of innovative open source maps meant it kept the cost down whilst maintaining a high quality of product. An excellent service.

James Ventham
Marketing & Information Manager