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26 Jun 2022

Graham recently presented at the FME World Tour in London and Glasgow hosted by 1Spatial. Graham spoke about getting the most our of ArcGIS Online using FME; his talks explained how FME can tap into the ArcGIS REST API to manage and maintain content within ArcGIS Online and explored the extent to which ArcGIS Online can function as a stanadlone enterprise geosptial platform (with a little help from FME and FME Cloud).

20 Dec 2021

Spatail Consultants has been awarded a certtifacte of assurance for compliance with the Cyber Essentials scheme.  Cyber Essentials is a UK government backed scheme, overseen by the National Cyber Security Centre, to inform good practice in information and IT infrastructure security.

7 Dec 2019

Spatial Consultants is working with Avison Young to develop an online GIS application to enable monitoring of Local Authority Development Plans across England, Wales and Scotland to support the protection of National Grid assets.

10 Jun 2019

A keen advocate since 1999, Graham was finally awarded the FME Professional Certification.  FME is a flexible and powerful  'data slicer and dicer' - capable of working with all manner of data formats, it is the go-to tool for inspecting, converting, and analysing spatial and non-spatial datasets - and is a lot of fun to use.  Graham has relied on FME to implement numeorus data migration and integration projects.  He spoke at the first FME User Conference in Denver in 2000 and has provided training to staff working on the remediation of the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan.

27 Jul 2017

Following training and and examinations in the Netherlands, Graham has been awarded Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MSCE) for architecting Azure cloud infrastructure solutions.  The adoption of cloud solutions is being driven by several factors including scalability and cyber resilience.  The rapidly evolving capabilities of software-defined Infrastructure as a Service, means that entire accredited networked environments can be spun up in cloud data centres and managed remotely by in-house or service providers.  Speed of acquisition, agility, enhanced cyber security features and control over expenditure make the cloud hard to resis