Our mission is to be the best GIS consulting company that we can be.
We don’t want to be the biggest or the wealthiest, or the most well known; but we do want to be known for the most passionate and inventive GIS professionals in the business. In the end we love what we do and we want to nurture that passion through meaningful and exciting engagements.


Innovation, Integrity, Passion

Developing an innovative solution to any problem requires an in depth understanding of that domain as well as imagination and insight as to how the myriad of available tool sets and methods could potentially be composed to address it. Innovation requires that the real needs are truly understood, and it may require courage to propose something beyond existing preconceptions.

We believe that integrity is paramount. The corporate world can be a jungle with numerous competing interests, pitfalls and prizes. There can be many pressures at work and we have witnessed how fear and greed can harm the interests of the organisation, shareholders and public. We are committed to operating with integrity 100% of the time.

We take this commitment seriously and review political pressures regularly.

We love what we do and will take any opportunity to stand up and tell the world about it. Our careers have taken us far and wide; we have worked on some extremely challenging projects and have been privileged to meet some inspirational people. We always notice how the people that inspire us are passionate about what they do. We believe that passion is contagious and that ultimately it is passion that makes a project succeed.

We are committed to ethical behaviour and subscribe to the code of ethics published by the GIS Certification Institute (GISCI).

Spatial Consultants support the work of Cumbria Community Foundation and the Friends of the Lake District.

In 2011 Graham organised an event to raise funds to build flood defences for the town of Cockermouth by running the watershed of the River Cocker.